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More than just a science body of knowledge; It's a way of thinking. It is the way the universe is questioned with suspicion.
If we cannot ask skeptical questions to the authority in order not                    to be skeptical, then we are in complete chaos. 
Image and Realize!

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Hi, I'm Kübra,

First of all, I am grateful for your support. I want to tell you about myself.

I love to think, I usually maintain my relationships with people in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Nietzsche is an idol to me. I also suffer from migraine, and whenever I have a headache, thinking as Nietzsche surrounds me. I like to read philosophy and psychology books in my free time. There is a different dependence on cats.


I graduated from Molecular Biology and Genetics. I had an interest in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine since the beginning of my undergraduate life. Furthermore, I did two internships on this. In my internship,  completed my training on studies such as artificial meniscus, 2D-3D cell culture comparisons, 3D Bioprinting.  After my in vivo and in vitro studies, my willingness to participate in silico studies helped me understand further studies. In my master's thesis, I studied a drug molecule for a genetic disease with explainable artificial intelligence. I am currently a research assistant and my love for science will continue forever. 

Science keeps you alive:)

Music heals the soul-BM


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